Defending Life
Marriage - Family

 The life of the unborn that are not being protected from the cruel and inhumane abortion doctor is a great tragedy in the past and in present day life in the United States of America and abroad. Every form of government in the United States of America and abroad, local, state and federal, every owner of every abortion clinic past and present, all who work and have worked at the abortion clinics,  and all who are pro abortion who agree with the government that allows  abortions to be performed are under the sovereign and personal wrath of God's eternal judgment unless each person repents and believes in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Also God has every right to judge and is judging the United States and all nations as a whole even more now than He has in the past  for allowing abortions to continue  be legal. Not legal in the eyes of God who sees all things at all times. Nothing is hidden from the sight of God.

Marriage has always been between one man and one woman ever since God ordained it when Adam the first man and Eve the first woman  were married in the presence of God. Then when they came together and had children the family was established. God has not changed His mind about traditional marriage, one man and one woman, and the traditional family, one man and one woman with children since the beginning of time. The sin of homosexuality which spreads all kinds of diseases, infecting and killing many people and with dead silence about this from the liberal media and the government , sex before marriage, all forms of sexual immorality, and all sin, for we all sin and fall short of the glory and approval of God. We all are under the wrath of God's eternal judgment for sins penalty unless each of us repents and believes in the gospel of Jesus Christ to be forgiven of our sins, and only then will one be able to enter into  and live  in that eternal heavenly city called Heaven.

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