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 Christians today cannot sit idle and say nothing and do nothing. The United States and the world are under the influence of Satan the Devil and his workers. Remember all authority has been given to and belongs to Jesus Christ in Heaven and on earth. One day Jesus Christ will put all enemies under his feet and all who are His enemies will be cast into Hell, the lake of fire to be tormented forever. Believing in the Gospel of Jesus Christ  is the only way to avoid eternal Hell and receive the promise of eternal life in Heaven.

 Christians who are the church and the body of Christ need to defend their faith in the gospel and the gospel message. Christians also need to defend the life of the baby in the womb made in the image of God that are being murdered by the hands of man during an abortion. Christians also need to defend the God ordained union of one man and one woman which began with Adam and Eve being the first marriage. Christians also need to defend the family which was ordained by God when Adam and Eve , the first married man and woman, and when they came together, Eve bore Adam children which created the family. There is no substitute for traditional marriage and the traditional family created and ordained and approved by God. All other so called same sex marriages are totally against God's will and raising children in a unnatural same sex marriage relationship or two homosexuals living together, or a unmarried heterosexual relationship  can  do harm to the mental and spiritual condition of that child, setting a bad example to follow while polluting their minds living in a  sexual immoral environment. These children will one day hear the truth and we should pray that they choose not to follow in the way of homosexuality, same sex marriage, or any form of sexual immorality,  but one day  believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and then follow the teachings of God's word.

 Any American citizen that will not pledge their allegiance to the American flag and what it stands for should be banned from serving in the U.S. military. The American flag symbolizes the freedom of America that has been protected by brave Americans that served and are serving  on the battlefield and the victories that were won to keep America free and safe.

 All the money wasted on transgenders in the military could be used to take care of thousands of veterans who have already sacrificed much, including having missing body parts blown off by a bomb. Extreme waste of tax payer money and poses great danger to the military's readiness. I support a transgender band in the military. No one should pay for anyone's transgender surgery or treatments, especially the U.S. military.
The so called DACA dreamers parents should be sent back to their own country. Their children can visit them and more likely will eventually return to their parents country. Those who illegally cross our borders and are deported have forfeited their rights of applying for legal citizenship in America or coming back to America.

The Judgment Of God Will Continue

Until  Abortion Is Made Illegal

 The soul, spirit, and body of mankind is God made and known by God before conception. So it is not only the heartbeat that determines the human beings existence but the soul which lives on after death for all eternity. Jesus said "And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell"
There is forgiveness in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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